About us

Good Widget Company manufacturers Budsband. Located in the center of the rustbelt - in Michigan - the company believes making stuff here is important, so we recently moved our manufacturing from China to the U.S. And cut the price in half.

The company focuses on developing good widgets to solve annoying everyday problems experienced by mobile device users. Our objective is to design good products our customers want to use everyday that make their mobile experience slightly better. If we drink even more coffee, we may diversify into electric vehicles, solar energy and rockets - but only if we do all three in parallel.

The company launched its first product on Kickstarter. Despite its cluelessness in the first days of its campaign about how to market on Kickstarter, the company learned quickly. And Budsband finished its campaign in the top 5 most popular projects out of 6,000 running at the time; half of our 2,000 backers discovered the project in the last 3 days. And over 96% of the backers/customers were satisfied to highly satisfied with the product based on survey. The 4% unsatisfied were justifiably unsatisfied due to manufacturing defects that were not caught in QA - an issue since resolved. The company founder considered sacking the responsible staff member, before realizing that staff member was him. Subsequently, we moved manufacturing to the U.S. and our quality issues ended.