Budsband Cord Organizer- 4 Pack in Blue

Budsband - the 'Built-in' Cord Organizer

Clever, Patented Design.  Budsband's unique design eliminates the need for either fasteners or a bulky spool. Fasteners (e.g. magnets) stick to unwanted stuff and add significant weight and 'spool' type organizer are bulky, require annoying unwinding and can be easily misplaced. U.S. utility patent number: 9,340,341

Can't Misplace. Lives on the plug so it's always there when you need it. So light and tiny you won’t know it’s there. Unlike other organizers, there is no need to carry yet another accessory. 

Quick Release – No Unwinding. Unband for instant access to stored earbuds for that incoming call. Other organizers require annoying unwinding, which can be as time consuming as untangling.

Compact Storage. Stores earbuds as small as possible. Easily fits in pocket or purse.

Fits All Earbuds and Mobile Phone Charging Cords


  • Store Tangle-free. No more tangles
  • Shorten Cord.  Shorten cord to a desired length.
  • Tether Cord.  Tether cord to a zipper pull or button to keep out dangling cord out of the way while exercising.
  • Identify Cord.  Since it lives on the plug, it identities your earbuds from another's.

Made from Super Stretchy, Durable, High Quality Silicone. Stretches to fit almost all plugs.Plus, no sharp edges or notches to stress cords. Our silicone supplier makes medical grade silicone.

Fast to Use. Attach Budsband to the plug’s plastic housing before first use; Wrap cord in a bundle. Stretch and secure the Budsband over plug. The Budsband securely retains the coiled cord and will not loosen or tangle.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you are not completely satisfied, return within 30 days for full refund. 

Made in the U.S.A. It costs more but the quality of American workers is worth it. Plus, supporting local jobs makes us feel better.